What is a trial?

In my experience,
Trials are related to the availability of energy for life’s expectations as they appear at different points of time. That is, the availability of mental/psychological/physical/spirit/motivation/interest for expectations from life as they appear.

A trial is simply when:
1. It appears that you have to do something,
2. And it also appears that you cant do it,
3. However it also appears that you can do it if you put significant effort/resistance.
4. So you appear to put that effort,
and appear to suffer in the process because of the resistance you are putting to change your natural energy directions and output.
5. Then you appear to feel sorry for yourself, hopeless, helpless, discouraged, angry, despair, sad, depressed and so on because of your inability and losses.
6. You then appear to feel scared, terrified and desperate at your total loss and lack of control.
7. You appear to feel all kinds of negative emotions and suffering.

All appearances are real though, it is like a movie playing and you witnessing the movie and watching it go through the difficult scenes. But the appearances are not real too, simply because, they are appearances and therefore have the potential to entirely change and do not

Ultimately all resistance to ‘What is’ is suffering.
All disease is from ‘Disharmony’.
‘Dark night of the soul’ is when the disease of the ego, which is fundamentally a resistance to what is, or disharmony with what is, is revealed.
DN is a stage of transformation for correction of this disease/disharmony of the ego with ‘What is’.
Removal of the ego would mean facing the dualities of everything the ego is invested in.
For example: life would give the experience of failure again and again, to withdraw the ego’s investment in success.

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