Disidentification from formations in any of the MBTI’s 8 dimensions

Lets take Myer’s Briggs dimensions as the periodic table of elements for all the personalities in the world.
There are totally 8 dimensions (Ni, Ne, Ti, Te, Fi, Fe, Si, Se).
I think whatever it maybe:
Ni —|— Ne
Ti —|— Te
Fi —|— Fe
Si —|— Se
The problem is attachment and identification.
Any kind of attachment, identification creates a binding gravity force towards that formation.
One should LOOK and dis-identify from all the formations in any of the 8 areas, to be free.
That is, one should dis-identify from every atom of formations in all those 8 areas (both active sides, and shadow sides).
Then one can simply be they are and be with the world as it is, without identification/attachment towards any formation.
That would give total freedom and movement of energy to the truth (about self and world).
It would also remove all gravity which comes from identification and attachments to formations.

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