The choice of being good vs. being bad

If you deceive others – then the good people catch your deception.
If you are good to others – then the deceivers try to lead you astray.
That is as far as the external world is concerned.
Either ways, there can be difficulties.

But in the internal world,
If you are good, then you have peace of mind.

Its like if you are good:
1. YOU[Good] <= Reflection BAD
2. YOU[Good] <= Reflection GOOD.

But when you are bad:
3. YOU[Bad] <(deception mask)= Reflection Good
4. YOU[Bad] <= Reflection Bad
The last one is a double whammy of Bad.

Lets say each good is +50 and each bad is -50.
Then in case of  3,4: He starts off with a -50 as given.
If he then manipulates the world into seeing him as good(+50), he’ll reach 0.
But if he does not manipulate and the world sees him for who he is, then he would have a -50-50 = -100 hit

But for the case 1,2: He already has +50 as given.
If a deceiver throws a bad reflection at him (-50) he will reach 0.
But if the reflection is good, he gets +50+50 = +100 points.

So in the cases 3,4: All you are trying to do is (NOT BE SEEN AS BAD) and you need others to give you that +50 to even reach 0.
But in the cases 1,2: You are not trying to do anything and whatever others give you is above and over the positive you already have.

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