Dark night experience as an unmoving sleep psyche/spirit

The problem in the Dark Night of the soul, is an asleep un-moving stagnant psyche. So it is like murky water that gives a browny reflection of everything vs. clear water that reflects all the colors. It is a case where certain colorings stick into the eye of seeing itself. Or the dark night can be said to be similar to dark clouds, that cloud feeling either completely OR cloud up 90% of everything.

There is a stagnancy, unmovingness of psyche. And all our aliveness is based on the changing psyche which changes and mirrors the sensory information. In other words, all of reality is interpretation OR input processing (as said by Charles Tart – States of consciousness). In the spectrum of consciousness, if lower consciousness is reduced possibility, and higher consciousness is closer to infinite possibility, “dark night” is to be pulled into reduced possibility, deprivation, into lower consciousness.

It is a state much closer to death – in terms of profound loss. Its like your inner child has gone into coma. So you perceive everything entering through your senses, but nothing moves your rigid calloused psyche much. So this unfeeling, unemoting, unconnecting state is the state of great deprivation. That is then we realize that this world is ALIVE only when our psyche projections are alive and dancing. Else the sensory input is devoid of all pleasure and meaning (meaning = pleasure). The world is alive when our psyche is 100% responsive to sensory input. When the psyche is mostly unresponsive and stuck in a dark cloud of feeling, then all the sensory input enters, but we feel very little, it all means nothing.

What dies/or goes into coma/or transformation sleep is spirit and then we realize ‘WHAT A LOSS IT IS TO LOSE SPIRIT”. It is unbearable. That is truly the most precious thing. Without spirit what is the use of anything, there is 0 will to live.

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