Our entire experience is of aggregates, ultimately made up of spirit

Just like we experience other physical entities in the physical plane (whom we refer to as other people),
we similarly have emotional entities, thought entities, belief/world creator entities,
i.e. subtle entities living in the etheric, astral planes.

Now remember, physical entities are gross entities.
They do not independently exist, but rather they are simply aggregates of other subtle entities.
For example a certain aggregate of a belief/world creator, thought, emotion entities make up the physical entity.

Each gross is an aggregate of its previous subtle entity.
For instance:
A physical entity is an aggregate of the emotion entity
(what does it mean to be physical, physicality is a certain class of feeling, correct?)
An emotional entity is basically an aggregate of a thought entity.
(What is emotion but a juicy thought, OR a thought aggregate. A more detailed explanation for this would be, each thought is an experience. Now imagine, a bunch of thoughts combine themselves together in a relationship, this aggregate story thought generates a stronger experience we term emotion).
A thought entity is a formation based of the world creator building blocks. So a thought is again an aggregate of those even subtler belief/world creator block paradigms.
Now what creates the very lego blocks for the worlds – in which aggregates of thought, emotion, physical exist?
We can call that spirit/God/Consciousness and so on and end the abstraction here.

So if all the entities – Belief/Worlds, Thoughts, Emotion, Physical are simply aggregates, then everything is ultimately an aggregate of Spirit/God/Consciousness.
We are all basically God, but each with different aggregates – belief/thought/emotion/physical aggregate experiences.

Its just like from Gross to Subtle we have – Ether, Air, Water, Solids.
To give an analogy, its like:
Ether = Worlds, Beliefs, Paradigms
Air = Mental
Water = Emotion
Solids = Physical
Even here if you notice each gross is an aggregate of its preceding subtle.
The atoms of ether come together to form air.
Molecules of air come together to form Water.
Water comes together and congeals into a solid or ICE.
But ultimately everything is made up of atoms.

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