Silencing of the physical, emotion, thought fields to reach ‘What is’

Desire is just like Aversion
It is a prison
A sensation that comes into you, that impels you into some kind of action
Action in the gross(Physical) or subtle(Thought)
The true innermost will cannot manifest itself in experience when there is desire/aversion.

The way out is to delegate/surrender/release/let go.
Give full freedom to each atom of your experience.
Withdraw energy from the gross and bring it down to silence.
Also ensure that each ‘experience atom’ is independent, untangled
And no part is controlling any other part

The whole prison is of experience.
What controls our experience? What do we give energy to?
What we give energy to, is precisely the component of experience that persists.
The insight I had on LSD was – “What you experience is exactly what you are holding on to”.

This life for me, has been about the bottoming out my unconscious – of both gross pleasures/pains, subtle pleasure/pains, and the subtlest pleasures/pains.
Which is why I experienced a magnificent buffet in this life of various pleasure/pain experiences in various spectrums.

The experiences that are persistent have to be released.
These persistent experiences can range from the Gross (physical pains) to the Subtlest (a certain world view).
One must settle in complete equanimity and completely quell(silence) the vibration of the physical, energy, thought worlds. Total silence in all 3, can bring transparency into ‘What is’.
The silencing is done by withdrawing your energy from the grosser forms of experience.

First entirely still your body and then withdraw energy from all gross movement.
Now, you will be witnessing your emotion and thought fields moving in your experience.
In the next step, withdraw energy from your emotions and silence them.
Keep very finely observing your emotions in a detached disinterested manner
Do this until there is great stillness of emotion.
When you reach a certain stillness, you will only notice 2 things, your breathing and heartbeat.
Continue fine observation of this duo (breathing and heart) beat until they both become very subtle.
Now, the interesting part starts. You will now ride on the breath and heartbeat like a surfer rides a wave.
You will literally move with your breath and heartbeat and stabilize its vibration at each moment.
Your breath and heartbeat are like your VEHICLES for the next steps.
Now with both the physical and the emotions still, and with you simply riding the VEHICLE of (breath, heartbeat), your experience now consists of only the movements of the thought field.
The movements of the thought field are for example, how you spoke to yourself internally and guided yourself to this state. This internal talk that you did, is from the thought field.
Silence the talk.
Now again look deeply in your experience and try to silence all energy movements of thought.
Stay in this absolute still state for as long as you want.
This is where I have reached so far.
At this point of time, you will experience great peace, bliss, relief.

We usually do not witness ‘What is’ but rather we only witness the “stuck grosser entities”.
Like imagine if there were worms swimming in the vitreous humor fluid inside your eye.
Where-ever you look you would see those worms right. Our usual state is something like that.
The entities in the physical, emotion, thought and belief planes constantly obscure the TRUE reality.
The thing that is sticking can be a gross entity dominating experience, or a subtle entity like an identity giving the illusion of freedom.
But this freedom is not real freedom, it is conditioned narrowed freedom.
No matter how open minded you may be, some inner algorithm is still imprisoning you.
Freedom is an intuitive sense of potentials, possibilities and expanse.
Its all in your intuitive feeling of what you identify yourself as.
Basically you move your identification away from regular ego to the transcendent object.
Once this is done, your older identity is still available completely but it rests as only one of the possibilities of the infinite seed you have become.

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