Seeing in emptiness is basically seeing in absolute clarity:

(Note: Emptiness == Non-substantial, Temporal, Impermanent)
When all objects of awareness are seen in complete clarity, it means the perception of the object is penetrating the object fully and revealing its emptiness. So seeing things in emptiness – is to see things as they really are – it is to completely see the nature of the object as a “consciousness object” and to simultaneously also never lose sight of the “background of emptiness” on which the temporal object appears and disappears. It is to never lose sight/awareness of the “background screen”.

Its like being in a movie theater and never losing sight that you are viewing a screen with images projected on the screen. It is never losing sight of your true nature i.e. of being the screen itself and the images that the screen turns itself into. The ‘images that appear/movies that play’ on the screen are an ultimate “Mystery”. “All experience” is truly a “Mystery”.

We are stepping into this mystery every moment, but at the same time, we have never EVER left our nature of being CONSCIOUSNESS.

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