Confirmation of intuition is Joy

Today I was pondering on intuition.
The joy I feel when reading/video watching the 100000s of works – is the confirmation of my intuition.
Everything I have read, watched and heard with my will and interest has been a confirmation of my intuition.
This is the joy of confirmation of intuition.
In a way I can say all real learning that makes an impact is the confirmation of intuition. And it is this intuition that matures as it is fed by knowledge, just like a child eventually turns into an adult, physically. In the invisible space, the intuition grows into expansive maturity reaching trans-personal levels.
That is why when a person reads spiritual texts and say his intuition does not confirm its value, then he simply does not give much heed to it. This is because the spiritual text did not appeal to his intuition strongly. He may have other beliefs, other world models and so on in which there is still a lot of passion and investment.
It is only after a substantial level of soul maturity, the intuition develops and expands enough to understand the ABSTRACT and its significance.
The maturity of intuition appears to tie in great with the concept of soul age (Infant soul, child soul, youth soul, mature soul, old soul).
This explains how “old souls”, before the age of 30, acquire vast and abstract knowledge rapidly. They simply rapidly seek more and more knowledge, and the knowledge they seek out of interest, constantly validates, refines and confirms their intuition. Intuition itself can grow but that is a much slower process.

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