All relationships mirror

All relationships are mirroring.
<How effectively they mirror, and how much good/damage they cause depends on their level of awareness, knowledge, past experiences/learning (life philosophy), intelligence and power. The driving force will nevertheless be equivalent.>
Give anger to them – Get anger projected back to you.
Give disapproval to them – Get disapproval projected back to you.
Ignore them – They ignore you in return.
Give acceptance to them – Get acceptance projected back to you.
Desire them – They desire you in return.
Want them – They want you in return.
Now this dynamic gets complicated because of the wearing of masks.
Say that you are really angry at someone, but you are wearing a mask of being nice to them.
Now, the acts from a mask are full of inconsistencies that can be spotted.
For example, say the person gives you a broad smile momentarily and then looks away and becomes poker faced, you can sense the inconsistency right?
Inconsistency is a straight give away that ‘Someone is acting’.
Now putting on any act takes a lot of effort. And no effort can be perpetual, let alone stay consistent in quality and quantity. So you can clearly see that – the degree of inconsistency observed shows the degree of pretense.
Another example would be, if someone portrays and shows great interest in what you say, engages participates and everything. But never ever talks to you about that topic again, then again there is an inconsistency right.
So all these inconsistencies are proofs of a mask.
People can subconsciously detect this and tend to avoid such people.
Sometimes people who are very sad, put on a mask of happiness.
An astute observer can spot this.
If the observer wishes to avoid accepting that person’s sadness, their resistance to it and the fact of them hiding it with a mask, if this knowledge is too uncomfortable for him, he would then avoid that person.
But the sad person who is putting a happy face may wonder why are so many people rejecting him, in spite of him putting on a happy face or a nice act. This is because it is not the happy face or nice acts that are rejected. What is rejected could be a combination of 1. The person’s original sadness, 2. Their Resistance and Hatred of that, 3. Their covering up or hiding of it, 4. Their Acting Mask for the fact that it is a put on and not really felt (not for the act itself or what it attempts to personify).
Sometimes the masks mirror too. Like if 1 person puts on a mask in the interaction, the other puts one on too because once a mask is put, the other person is obscuring his real feelings. Now this could be because he is just ashamed which is fine OR it could be something more evil like the other person is trying to exploit or use you by putting on a disguise. How would you know? You cannot know right away, but you can observe the behavior and a pattern would emerge.
The former case if verified would be just a question of your acceptance, and the fact that you are making a relationship with essentially a hollow act, which can be dropped anytime. You have to accept the insubstantiality of the whole relationship and many people are not ready to invest in something that is like a fragile castle made of sand.
The latter case however, would actually put you in danger. If that person is going to exploit you, you have to detect that fast and be hyper-vigilant. So you have to constantly live in fear when with that person. This case is worse than the former, because not only is the relationship phony and empty like the former, it is also going to exploit and harm you, and to top it up, leave you empty like it never existed.
Luckily acts can never be foolproof, they take substantial effort and its impossible to maintain a perpetual act in terms of quality and quantity. So they are full of holes that can be seen through.

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