The experience of “Death” and “Life” are verbs

Death as a “Verb” = Corrosion, rusting, decomposition, degeneration, deterioration, disintegration, impairment, rotting, atrophy, crumbling, decadence, decline, dilapidation, dissolution, fading, putrefaction, ruination, spoilage, withering, wasting away, losing.

Life as a “Verb” = Advancement, Expansion, Prosperity, Production, Surge, Boost, Cultivate, Enlarge, Extend, Flowering, Proliferation, Building, Development, Growth, Progress, Improvement, Ascent, Construction, Increase, Rising, Flourish, Strengthen, Ripen, Germinate.

So technically one cannot be afraid of death as a noun. Because death as a noun is not an experience at all. You would not longer exist to know that you do not exist. Similarly life cannot exist as a noun.
All change is a simultaneous creation and destruction.
It is the destruction of the old and creation of the new.
Like the ouroboros snake.
Whether you see change as a “destruction of the old” or a “burgeoning of the new” is a matter of perspective. This problem is exactly like the necker’s cube. BOTH THE PERSPECTIVES ARE TRUE.
So in a way, there is no death, there is no life, when seen from the dimension above, there is only constant endless transformation. It is the perpetual dance of seeing different perspectives of the same infinite object.

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