Why is emptiness so unbearable?

Why is emptiness so unbearable?
Because emptiness is loss.
It is felt when just about anything is lost.
Loss of what you love and even loss of what you despise.
Because what is loved is the relationship.
(Even the relationship of despising something can be loved.)
The objects carry the relationships.
In fact there are no separate objects at all.
The objects have no essence.
Objects themselves get created by the relationships you project.
The only essence of the objects are the relationships projected by you.
The objects and the relationship are in-fact ONE.

One can say,
Emptiness is the loss of these relationship projections
It is the collapse and flattening of relationships.
Both existing ones and potential ones.
Without the relationships as we looked at earlier
The objects that you see around are emptied of essence
Everything flattens out in your world
Your formerly rich 3D world is reduced to a flatland (2D).
As the emptiness grows, it can potentially reach a point
Where even the flatland (2D) becomes ONE infinite nothing or 1D.

Lets look at the dimensions in greater detail.
This is just a exercise to get one thinking.
6-D is maybe what you feel in childhood in the magical stage
Where impossible possibilities are believed in the imagination
Then say as you grow up you enter 5-D realms
Where the limitations of reality have revealed themselves to you
And now your imagination gets narrowed onto what is realistically possible.
Then as you further grow up even more limitations get imposed
You reach 4-D, when you get anchored to a specific career path
OR commitments like marriage and so on
which further limit the diversity or riches of possibility.
Then on meditation exercises like vipassana
You focus on the present moment experience, Right now
You narrow your attention to relationships you have with specific objects
i.e. Objects which are happenings right now,
In immediate time, like your in-breath and out-breath.
This makes you reach 3-D
Then when you develop equanimity
Now, the 3-D collapses to 2-D
Because there is even(single) relationship to everything appearing in your immediate present
Then finally on further experiential inquiry
The 2-D collapses to 1-D.
That is everything becomes unified, ONE.
There is oneness, wholeness.
In which case there is no relationship at all.
How can there be a relationship when there is only one.
The 1-D is the final union of the witnesser and the witnessed

So the journey to oneness in other words,
IS the collapse of time.
OR the collapse of dimensions from 6-D to 1-D.
OR the collapse of multiplicity.

The corollary of this would be,
The creation of new dimensions
Creation of new possibilities
The creation of new worlds and so on
Which would be the movement away from oneness.

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