Karma monsters (reactive patterns)

The karma monsters “reactive patterns” become visible in the light however, they do not disappear instantly. It takes quite a while of sustained light for them to release themselves/their hold from you. It is like a quest to disable those monsters by gradually dissolving them with more and more light, by learning how they work, learning their triggers, their ways. Its similar to how a scientist observes an animal daily to master its patterns and workings. In this case, the animals are internal animals that hijack attention through reactive patterns.


Also the monsters themselves are not revealed to you all at once. They are revealed in time, in episodes and bits, as you move around, encounter different situations internal and external, in life, the reactivity is triggered in different degrees. So the invisible reactivity matrix is made visible in time (through internal and external circumstances) and by the intensity of light, observation and contemplation you give them. It needs patience. Sometimes light is low, but karmic pattern is made highly visible. Sometimes light is high and there are only mild karmic patterns working. And sometimes, there is high light and high triggering and these states are when the monsters get illuminated the most. Various difficulties can arise, reactive patterns may assault you at various times. But ultimately every reactive pattern needs to be dissolved with light. These monsters exist in the SPACE-TIME dimension. They are 4-D creatures in a way because at this moment, you only see a thin slice of them. Infact you may not see them at all, if they are not triggered. You can see, the monsters comprise your 4-D Karmic Body in Space-Time. In space – they are this moment’s experience. For example: Someone said XXX to you and you got disturbed. Then if you look at your feeling right now, the disturbed feeling is there, a snapshot of that, is the existence of the karmic monster in space. On the other hand, if you continuously observe yourself in time, you would see the map of how different situations, beliefs, thoughts trigger this pattern with different intensities. Maybe if you continuously observe and journal about it for a month, then the monster has revealed itself to you in TIME, its patterns in TIME. So the invisible reactive monsters live in SPACE-TIME. Through this observation in SPACE AND TIME of the invisible energy based karmic monsters, eventually you would understand their root cause in the belief level (Remember belief level is outside of SPACE-TIME) and transcend it.

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