About Causation – determined by Past or the Future.

Normally we believe that the chain of causation infinitely backwards.
For example: Your forefathers determine your genes.
Your childhood determines your adulthood and so on.
However we can also see it in the reverse way i.e. the chain of causation could also be seen as running infinitely forward too.
How could this be so?
Because, we believe the past determines the future.
But what if the future determines the past?
Meaning your experience now could be a building block towards some experience you are to have in the future.
For example: Maybe your bad experiences now are so that you can master them and help somebody 10 years in the future.
So in that case, then event ‘now’ is caused/determined by the future event and not by the past.
So lets see the continuum:
Past ———- -> ———-Now———— -> ———- Future
Is the driver moving from left to right? – in which case the now is determined by the past.
OR Is the driver moving right to left? – in which case the now is determined by the future.
Both are true and its a matter of perspective.
We can shift this perspective to and fro just like looking at the cubes below:
Now Time is created by the mind or Thought.
No Thought implies No Time.
So No thought would bring you to the ‘Eternal screen’.
Now Past = Analogous to ‘known’, and Future = Analogous to ‘Unknown’ right?
Another way to look at it would be – Why should the ‘known’ be the determinant of the future?
Couldn’t it be equally so that the unknown/mystery is the real determinant of the future?
I guess here too, the answer is both are true.
Depending on how you see it – just like the cubes shown above.

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