There is nothing to attain, all attainment is an illusion

All attainment is insubstantial, empty because it has no REAL substance. Like playing a video game and winning, or winning something in your night dream. It vanishes as soon as your state changes. Nothing can be held on to. Reality is a constantly moving movie or river.

Its like playing a game in a 5-D Virtual Reality room, where you just move on various treadmill like belts on the floor, and that translates into a virtual world projected on the screens of the room. Even if you play for 5 hours and accomplish all kinds of missions, its all ultimately empty, because once you turn off the VR machine and leave the room, all that reality is lost.

The interesting part is, usually when we give such an analogy of a video game, we say “you have to face the real world”. But even the real world is an empty appearance on the screen of consciousness. So then the question is WHAT IS REAL?(If the video game is not real, and the so called real world is also not real).

What is REAL is NOW. What is real is THIS. YOU ARE IT.
A millionaire, a person from the middle class, a child, all have the same mind and same potentials for projections. Its just the mappings and objects that differ. The same ‘mind and projection potentials’ is like the physical body and its energy in the virtual reality room. But the movie projected on the screens of the VR room is unique and individual to each person.

If I take it even further, even the VR room, physical body and its energies and potentials are not real and only an appearance. The absolute truth is that NOTHING is as it appears. There are just infinite appearances and no solid substance. The absolute truth IS “The Ultimate unknowable/imperceivable Mystery”. This is because you cannot KNOW yourself, just like a flame cannot burn itself OR a knife cannot cut itself OR an eye cannot look at itself. You are THAT UNKNOWN, which makes all of ‘THIS’ possible.

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