Absolute Truth vs. Relative Truth

The entire relative reality is the reality of appearances.
Since the entire relative reality is an appearance, truths in the relative reality can change.
Relative reality truths are appearance/apparent truths.
Like what science studies, gravity, physics laws, body mechanisms, emotion mechanisms, social programming and so on.
Relative truths are truths regarding the nature of the dream appearance.

The relative reality/dream appearance truths too vary in their mystery factor:
Determined (nature of rocks) —————— Mystery (Dreams at night)

But the absolute truth is like the very pixels in which the relative reality appearance comes up.
Absolute reality is like the pixels on the LCD screen.
Knowing the absolute truth is to know “YOU ARE THE SCREEN itself, on which everything/relative reality appears”.
Now relative reality is everything.
Because absolute reality is ‘Nothing’ OR beyond/transcendent of all the dream appearances that appear in it. So all things belong to relative reality/appearance/relative truth.
Like imagine all the varied dreams you have had every night. Think about the nature of the mind that dreamed all that up. That mind cannot be, or have the essence of any of those dreams right? Because every night its brand new ones. So all the dreams are then NON-ESSENCE. The only essence is the nature of the dreaming mind itself. So you could apply this analogy even in this waking life. This waking life is a dream of consciousness (the ineffable substance).

You may have a terrible time in relative reality, in the dream of awareness, just like having a bad dream at night if you imagine this waking life to be a 80 year dream. But no matter what the appearance – good-bad, narrow-vast, limited-infinite, struggle-comfort, that is only an insubstantial, non-essential appearance in YOUR TRUE NATURE, which is AWARENESS or CONSCIOUSNESS itself.

Relative reality is the – appearances on the screen, movies on the screen and so on.
To know who you are, is to know yourself to be the screen itself vs. a character in the movie.
To know yourself to be CONSCIOUSNESS.

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