Have I lost interest in all of God’s creation?

Have I lost interest in all of God’s creation? The ‘What IS’?
Does the Ego exist precisely because of hatred/aversion of ‘What IS’?
The degree of aversion, creating a proportionally larger ego?
So while dissolving the ego, what I am dissolving is aversion/hatred itself?
Which is why there is such hatred for ‘What is’ in the dark night?
Because the ego encounters the non-self/’What is’ and reacts with the very reason for its existence – the hatred of ‘What is’?
How can we love evil? The people who hate us? Our dual personalities which threaten us entirely?
Its like how can a forward moving wave in the ocean, accept the backward moving wave going to hit and destroy it?
Maybe that is why – the ego is not capable of love.
The wave does not love the other waves. It is the ocean that loves all waves, including the forward and backward moving waves i.e. both creation and destruction.
Only the disinterested/dispassionate/transcended is capable of love. 

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