We are essentially in love with concepts

I want to find someone who is in love with the ‘Concept of ME’.
That is what I keep seeking.
Why? Because I am identified with the ‘Concept of ME’.
Why am I identified? Because I myself am in love with the ‘Concept of ME/Myself’.
Identification = LOVE. They are the same thing.
We love our nature, who we are (OR rather what we think and believe we are, which are various concepts)
We are lonely in our love for ‘Our concept of ourselves’, and we seek to expand this by looking for others who are in love with the same concept too.
All of love is for Concepts. Each person in this world is a ‘Living concept/A seed of potential’.
We love our nature. We are love itself. But we believe we are a concept.
Identification with concepts is the dream state we are in.
Waking up is about shifting identification out of concepts into ‘The Ineffable Consciousness’ itself.

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