The journey to the Effortless, Causeless Reality

Your egoic actions change the causeless, effortless reality(God’s karma) into a caused, effort created reality (causation bound, personal karma) which follows cause-effect rules.
But the causeless reality always lies underneath, when all effort is dropped.
Effort created reality in fact rides on the eternal wave of the causeless reality.
Why do we not drop all effort?
Because we are attached or identified with effort created realities.
So as the penetration of the fire of consciousness happens, the effortless reality is accepted more and more and the effortful or effort created reality is relinquished.
Eventually, one’s abides in the causeless, effortless reality and acts from God’s will and relinquishes all personal will to God (which is the truth anyway, even personal will is given to us by God only, but we think we exist as something separate with autonomy, the realization here would be of the fact that ‘There is no doer apart from God’).

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