All phenomenal objects/observation objects are YOU

There is no ‘phenomenal object’ or ‘observation object’ that cannot be seen as yourself (i.e. the same as the eyes of love). This includes all kinds of pain, suffering, agitation, every possible humiliation and negative experience, and so on. Because ultimately everything is an appearance in consciousness.
All appearances are me, and I am the mysterious/unknowable force that moves everything.
From the transcendent viewpoint, this is exactly what I want.
In that level of seeing, my creative principle becomes the creative principle of the entire universe, my will becomes God’s will, my intelligence becomes God’s intelligence, I become one with God, I become God. I AM ‘THAT’.
That mysterious unmanifest force is me, along with all of the manifest, which is also me.
The manifest is a very very small part of me.
But I sometimes choose to forget my vastness just to experience limitation and explore one of my possibilities.
This helps me renew the appreciation for who I am, by the duality principle.
The more limitation you experience, the more you can appreciate your vastness, when you go back.
This entire manifest is one of my infinite possibilities.
The rest of the infinite infinite possibilities are the unmanifest (potential for manifest possibilities).
The true experience of being GOD, can only be had after experiencing limitation, because it is the limitation that illuminates the experience of the infinite. And it is the infinite that illuminates the experience of being limited.
Because if you were really limited, you would not even know you are limited. If you were really infinite, you would not even know you are infinite. The 2 experiences mutually create each other and mutually illuminate one and other by the principle of duality.
If God did not play this game, there would be no experience at all. Just ZERO, NOTHING and it would not be possible to experience this NOTHING, because NOTHING needs a SOMETHING to contrast it to be NOTHING. So all experience can only happen in duality/contrast. So the experiences are duality dreams played by God, for his own entertainment, enjoyment, and for playing with his infinite creativity and possibilities.

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