I remain as my effortless essence

I let go of all people and things,
That need my effort to be with me.
If it is just my act or effort,
That makes people or things come to me or be with me
Then I let them go.
If people or things come to me effortlessly,
If they are naturally attracted to my effortless essence (my true essence),
I embrace them, witness them, understand them, BE with them, love them.
But I do not seek anything or anyone, with my act or effort.
Something/Someone that requires my effort to be attracted to me,
Is not really loving me, but only loving my effort/act.
I remain in my effortlessness, and drop all effort.
I welcome everything that is naturally attracted to my essence.
Just like a flower.
The flower simply stays open and vulnerable,
but does not seek to make people look at it/admire it/love it,
By tricks, acts, deceptions, manipulations.
The flower does not expect anything from anyone,
All it gives out is its true intrinsic effortless essence,
Radiating it outwards to anyone who SEES it, truly sees it as it is.
It remains in its nature, and people who are really present with it
See its utmost beauty and tenderness
While others who are preoccupied in the clouds of their ego
Simply pass by without noticing the flower
I am this open vulnerable flower.
I remain as I am, in my effortless nature.

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