What is the value of experience?

Why is one object more valuable than another object?

(Object = Belief/Paradigm (an even subtler pervasive feeling such as identity ego or a whole abstract story,  Thought(Images/ Subtle movement of thinking), Emotion(Internal feeling of energies and movement), Sensory perception(sight, sound, smell, touch, taste etc.)

For example:

Why is gold more valuable than stone? From the point of view of awareness, aren’t both of them having the same fullness?

So is it that, the absolute value of ALL is the same, which is consciousness (the one substance that makes up everything).

But relative value is created by the belief system present. This breaks up the multiplicity of objects into a hierarchy.

So essentially in the journey of experience:

First there is ONENESS, then there is the principle of SEPARATION, then there is MULTIPLICITY, then there is HIERARCHY/RANKING (based on belief paradigm).

So the question about ‘What is the value of experience?’ lies in questioning the ‘Hierarchy/ranking’ part of the journey of experience which falls out of oneness – to separation – to multiplicity – to hierarchy/ranking, at every moment.

Oneness = Absolute

Separation, Multiplicity, Hierarchy/Ranking = Relative

So the value system/belief system is the IMPLICIT creating the explicit of Hierarchy/Ranking in experience.

When considered from the point of view of ONENESS or the ABSOLUTE, value is seen as an additional layer that filters experience into hierarchy/ranking. So the ABSOLUTE then is basically veiled by the VALUE BELIEF SYSTEM.

That is why, the ABSOLUTE is beyond/TRANSCENDS VALUE.

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