Push, Pull – In both the sensation and thought spaces

I initially started observing that I could stay equanimous at the sensation level (esp. vipassana retreat) i.e. which is essentially no pushing or pulling at any sensation, at the sensation level. Then later, I noticed the same exact thing also applies to the thought level.

What is our reaction to thought – push or a pull. For some thoughts we react with a pushing force (i.e. we try to push them away). For certain other thoughts, there is a pulling force (i.e. we try to pull it towards us, it could be for various reasons, even when we are intently trying to solve our long standing problem, or when we get obsessed with something, we are pulling on it).

It is possible to be equanimous at both levels i.e. no push, pull in sensation and no push, pull in the thought space. In reality there is no separate thought space and sensation space. They both permeate each other. The gross and the subtle permeate each other and exist in the same singular space of awareness.

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