All Movement Stops

When I look at the whole all movement stops, i.e. looking at all the forces in my awareness. Since I see all the contradictory forces, the resultant seeking energy is close to 0.

There is completeness, there is wholeness, the perception of movement has stopped. I am still. it is seeing the gestalt of the gestalt of the gestalt which ->tends to-> [0 movement, wholeness ]

‘I’ move only when I am identified with 1 fragment seeking another fragment,  but when I identify with the whole space of it…..I am still and things only move within me. I am nothing, and all the somethings appear, move and disappear in me

The somethings are only possibilities in the infinite nothing… the something is one of the possible modulations in the nothingness field

The nothingness field, is impossible to know, it is the ultimate mystery…because by definition if you try to imagine, know nothing, it is not nothing, but a something….it is not possible to know it, it is only possible to BE IT, LIVE IT

Living from the Unmanifest unborn, is living in the ultimate reality

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