Voluntary and Involuntary are happenings, concepts of no-self, grand-self

Sometimes I feel, what comes to us as drug experiences, crazy experiences with people, experiences through meditation etc. are all the same. In other words, at a certain level voluntary and involuntary (external world is also involuntary) doings, are happenings in the same space (modulations of the same space). There is no difference between what comes to you and what you bring to you using your will/energy/power/control. Both are appearances and we are both those appearances: voluntary and involuntary.

Lets talk about the self and how to identify a self. The self is what stands out from the background. If you have no self, then you would literally be in the background and not noticeable at all in any way, i.e. absolutely not stand out. On the opposite end, if you have a very high self, you would conspicuously stand out from the background either with your looks, ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, imagination etc.

The transcendent view is beyond the appearance of self or no-self. The idea is not to have a large self or a no-self. The idea is to fully FREE FALL into the EXPRESSION of ‘WHAT EXISTS/WHAT IS’. This free fall might be a movement of desire to have a stronger or more powerful self, or it might be a movement towards self abnegation i.e. a return to unknowing. Either ways, none of them is more holy that the other.

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