Going beyond the metaphor of ‘You projecting the world like a movie’

In the initial stages of understanding, its extremely helpful to see all of experience like a movie your are projecting. Like we project emotions, mental subtle feelings, memories and stories to objects and this causes most of the richness of our lives.

What I am trying to describe here is that, it is possible to move even beyond this metaphor. It is not you who is projecting from your body this life movie. In fact, even if we go further, it is also not right to say we are projecting this world in the experience dimension from nothingness.

That is, it is possible to go beyond both these analogies:

In the physical/material dimension:

Your body ——–> <Projects>————> Experience Movie (like a prism projects the white light as the color spectrum, color spectrum == Experience)

Proof: The body is a vehicle that transforms the prism of awareness light into the specific experiences that you are living now. You are therefore experiencing awareness from this prism point of view. There is both the automatic functioning of the body and the quality of volition that allows you to control experience.

In the experience dimension:

Nothingness ——-> <Projects>———-> Experience Movie

Proof: When I withdraw projections from the external world to a thought in meditation, the external world falls away for that period. I could extrapolate and infer that if I withdraw all projections from all subtle and gross objects, I would reach nothingness. As a corollary I could conclude that experience therefore projects itself from the ground of nothingness.

So the way beyond is that, consciousness is not projected from <A> to <B>. That is a particular kind of imagination, a particular meta-paradigmatic-conceptual thought.

Next Leap:

Consciousness is what experiential space is doing. Which means the notion of a point of origin, concentration and a projection from that point is removed. It is everywhere. Its as if we are inhabiting a 3-D space filled with consciousness pixels and we ARE those pixels. What the pixels are doing is what ‘WE ARE DOING’.

It is not that light of consciousness is shining through me. Consciousness is not in the body at all. It is outside and everywhere. Like everything is not a light projected from you to it. It is what space is doing itself, every molecule of space experience is choosing to be as it is.

So that is about ‘Experience Space’. In terms of experience time, WE are the experience of time, We are not in time, WE ARE TIME ITSELF. TIME IS US.We are both all the pixels of EXPERIENCE TIME AND EXPERIENCE SPACE.EVERYTHING IS EXPERIENCE, and WE ARE EXPERIENCE.

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