The Ultimate Understanding

Today, it occurred to me, ‘enlightenment’ just sounded like a funny sounding word to me. The ultimate understanding is that there is that there is nothing TO understand. Understanding itself is an appearance in the pool of ever changing appearances in consciousness.

An analogy would be similar to thinking a cartoon character in the movie screen is real, but the truth is not only is the character not real, but also, all the content displayed on the screen is made up of the pixels of the screen. The screen pixels refer to the pixels of experience/consciousness/awareness/perception.

– This understanding develops by first viewing everything as consciousness/awareness/appearances/phenomena. ‘Absolutely Nothing’ can be excluded. This deepening takes inquiry, interest and practice.
– Reduce everything to this one substance and then start your observation from that point of view.
– Next observe the impermanence and change of all phenomena.

– When change is observed carefully, non-essence of anything is revealed.
Rule: If an object makes a 100% change in its nature from state A to state B, this implies the true nature of this object is unknown/mystery. 100% change = implies unknown/mystery nature. So if you observe 100% change in your awareness, the non-essence of all content is revealed.

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