Irrelevance of external appearances and belief’s about other people’s enlightenment

There are some states of mind, that make life easy.
There are some states of mind that make life very hard.

Generally the more you rebel against God’s will (the effortless undercurrent), the more difficult life becomes. But this rebelling or flow, is an internal experience. How you appear externally is completely irrelevant.

Externally you may appear to resist or comply, but this external appearance says very little about your internal experience. Someone may appear to greatly resist what’s going on in society, but its barely a struggle for him, its effortlessly happening. On the other hand, someone may appear to comply with all the demands put on him, but internally he maybe secretly resenting this and bitter towards his compliance.

So 0 resistance, effortlessness is purely an internal experience. There is no way of knowing or proving whether another person is effortless or resisting in this life, or how much he is resisting.

This is why it is impossible to know if another person is enlightened or not, in fact it is totally irrelevant. After all everything is made up of You, Your experience, Your consciousness, Your Awareness.

If you imagine another person is enlightened, then you would try to attain his state of mind (as imagined by you).

Enlightenment is Transcendence, not an attainment of a particular state of mind. It is transcendence from everything.

To give an analogy: Its is not about a fish moving from one region of the water in the ocean to another region. It is about the fish looking at the entirety of water from an entirely different dimension that is ‘Air’ or ‘Land’. The water here is experience, and enlightenment is about transcending experience, not moving from one experience to another. It is seeing that ‘No experience is You’ and that ‘You’ are beyond all experience.

It is the removal of identity, identification, from all experience – the nameless formless boundless thing that is left, is the real you.

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