Spirals, Cycles and Duality of energies

To see good in the foreground, you need to have bad in the background and vice versa.
This is the game of duality.
There are basically 2 opposing forms of energy that mutually define/illuminate each other.

But there are also cycles and spirals.
A cycle is the oscillatory movement of energy in the field of energy dualities.
A self accumulating/momentum accumulating cycle creates a snowball effect OR a spiral which spirals outwards.
Similarly, A spiral can also happen inwards.

Inward spiral is of contraction, and outward spiral is of expansion. Again to witness these inward/outward spirals, there has to be a relatively stable background to provide the frame of reference. This background is similar to the stationary object perspective when it comes to speed, acceleration and deceleration.

If I compare this with the relativity of distance, speed, acceleration:
Distance – Duality
Speed – Cycles
Acceleration – Spirals

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