About the self, world, ground reality and energetic fractals

– What is this world really I am finding so demanding? Lets look at it from the absolute ground of awareness level. Everything is ultimately consciousness. The feeling experience of everything is energy in a certain configuration. In consciousness, there is an appearance of an external world which is like a frozen dream with laws, rules, limits. There is also the experience of being in a particular point of view and controlling a body. There is an appearance of 1-1 mapping between my actions and feelings. There is an appearance of a particular web of relationships, laws, rules. Intermittently, there is the experience of personal will where in the entire of consciousness, I am a fragment and capable of controlling the other fragments in a certain relationship. There is also the appearance of various psychic forces creating experiences by relativity. The continuous movement of the psychic energies creates an experience called life which again appears in consciousness. Consciousness itself is impersonal and what I call personal is only a fragment.

– Different psychic energies seem to appear in consciousness (the one space). Their movement and relativity creates the appearance of life. In this life however, there are some persistent deep energies cluster which I call myself. The interesting thing about the self is familiarity. No matter how many changes happen in your life, you still find a persistent and familiar sense of you. How is this possible if everything is changing? Maybe there are different levels to the change. Certain deep levels do not move at all creating the persistent familiar feeling of self. A particular pattern fueled by beliefs. What are these beliefs and what is the space in consciousness in which a belief resides?

РThis self is attempting to find the conditions that would fulfill and neutralize, and end itself. However, the conditions may never be found because the self may be an endless pattern recreation like a fractal creating many many worlds infinitely but all of them having the root pattern of a fractal.  When this fractal itself is seen through, it is referred to as transcending the self where the insubstantiality and dream like nature of all experience is revealed.

– The self is almost like a particular kind of magnet, attracting certain experiences towards itself. The end result is a kind of fractal pattern in consciousness. That is why wherever you go, no matter how many situations change, the fractal gets recreated giving you the sense that YOU are still there. So since a fractal is infinite, there can be infinite diversity in a single person’s fractal pattern. So transcending it, is like transcending to a higher infinity. So what this means is that infinity can contain smaller infinities within it and so on. Its similar to the universe, you can zoom into the universe to the nano-particles and still go infinitely deeper. You can also zoom outward and reach the level of super galaxy clusters. But all of that is only an appearance in a transcendent space and this unspeakable, ineffable space where everything appears is the ground of everything, the screen which creates all appearances into existence. This screen is what you truly are. Whether you are looking at a nano-particle or looking through a telescope at the farthest object in the universe, it is all appearing in your consciousness. So this instantly removes the solid materiality illusion.

– So the self is meta-patterns of relationships. It is the blue-print on how to form relationships. This blue print is like acorn from which the acorn tree unfolds. A set of very deep axioms of beliefs. Just like a basic set of 10 axioms can create the entire vastness of a subject like geometry, the self has axioms which can create this entire fractal in energy.

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