Change is ‘Meaning/Life’

Direct experience with hot and cold water 
Experience with cold and hot water – 2 dual direct experiences – the body stabilizes with whats there if it is kept going for a while. First the intensity of the experience rises, and then when it is too intense, the body disconnects and goes into some kind of void space, then again comes back to experience it but it does not feel as intense, its more moderated.

Life is the acceleration/deceleration and speed is meaningless
In other words it seems like we only feel acceleration and speed by itself is a meaningless concept. Even meaning, is basically the same thing, the change. Like if you were born in a rich family and always traveled in an aeroplane, that lifestyle would carry 1/100th the meaning compared to a poor kid dreaming about it. Change is life. More the change, more the life. Experience/Awareness is as change happens, it arises simultaneously with change and disappears when change stops.

Every night all the acceleration/euphoria/dancing/ecstasy of life particles almost stop causing deep sleep. Then once again they dance and their accelerations are experienced as life. The interesting part here is that there is no beginning and end. It happens forever in infinite patterns revealing infinite beauty experiences.

You are all of life’s particles and you create life but setting them in motion. The unconscious part is when you have set some particles in motion (like the night in the picture) and then you forget that you set those particles in motion even. The completeness of the picture is seen once you witness all the particles and their motions.

Everyone is playing a game. But everything happens with the same infinite set of particles and motions.

Again the shiva and prakriti analogy strikes me. Shiva is all of life’s particles and prakriti is the force that sets all of them into motion to form infinite patterns of beauty. This is the eternal dance.

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