The ultimate meaninglessness of time

While staring at a digital clock ticking, I started to get anxious about how much time I should spend staring at it. As I watched the seconds and minutes pass by, I felt more and more anxious and tensed. Since there is always something we are supposed to do and we need to push ourselves to do it. But then suddenly my perspective shifted and I thought, what is the point? What is the point about worrying about this time ticking?  Right now it shows 18:01 in the stop watch. It is basically going to tick forever and forever until it shows 100000000000000000000000000….

and so on. What difference does it make whatever this time shows in the display? This though brought me back to direct experience which occurs in time itself. This knowledge about the direct experience of change, I realized is timeless, because the thing that is aware of time is beyond time.

Why should I ever get stressed at time? Time is basically awareness of change. Why should that be stressful. I can never imagine or think of a period when I was not in time. All experiences themselves can come into existence only in time, because time is change and experience happens only when there is change. No change implies no experience. Experience itself is because of contrast. If I am all of experience, then I am time itself. Also, thinking that there are other people with different experiences independent of you is a logical fallacy. You can even be aware of this, only if this statement made above is your experience. There is only ‘Direct experience’ and nothing beyond that.

Also, we are concerned and worried about conserving electricity, money, material wastage etc. From this perspective I wonder, what difference does it make ultimately? Things are always changing and transforming and will do so forever. The total energy and space in which experience happens is always full and whole. Only its contents are continuously changing. Even the physical world/universe is just an appearance and small part in this space of direct experience. Ultimately what difference does anything make? Once this is realized, why is there need for any kind of worry or stress?

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