About ‘Power’, its flavors and perspectives

Conventional experience of power:
A man’s power is his potential.

Power itself is potential expressing itself (as kinetic energy).

The experience of power = The appearance in consciousness/(direct experience) of the a ‘capacity’ for change.

Power is experienced in different flavors (personal/impersonal):

– If the agent of change is your personal will, then you experience your will as the mover/force of change. This is the experience of personal power.

– If the agent of massive change is witnessed in another object such as a tsunami, hurricane, earthquakes, highly influential people like Hitler etc. then also, there is a visceral experience of power. This is the experience of impersonal power.

The experience of power, is an appearance in awareness. This appearance can have either the impersonal or a personal flavor. However, this is in the conventional sense.

The conventional experience of power has certain beliefs that have to go with it:

1. Primary differentiation – Direct experience is divided into: ‘There is a you, there is the external.’

2. Division of the external – The external is further subdivided into numerous objects, each separate from each other.

3. False attribution of agency: Whenever a change is witnessed, an ‘agent of change’ (object) is identified.

4. False belief about power residing within the agent: The ‘power to change’ is believed to reside within this ‘agent of change'(object) identified.

Scientists take this divide and conquer strategy and take it even further. They would go as far as the atomic level or even finer, and state that one electron causes another to slip out of orbit etc. But does the electron house its own energy? OR is it simply a vessel for universal energy? This is never questioned. These beliefs are in-fact the basis for conventional science itself.

Other points:

Power is unstoppable when you are aligned to the universal force passing through you.
This universal force can be experienced when you abide in effortlessness.
The more you resist this universal force, the more out of line you are with it, the more energy is wasted and scattered. This results in feeble scattered power.
Look at the phenomenon of electricity. What is the force that aligns all the electrons in the wire? Voltage, Potential difference?
What is this potential for a human? What can convert the random electrical firings in our brain to a powerful coherent force of change?
When your brain energy is scattered, what power can it have? It is constantly pulled between different voltage differentials, but the net effect is ambiguous feeble movements.
It is like the difference between a Laser and a diffused light bulb.

The ultimate power is to have full control over one’s experience/perception/reality. It is the power to make yourself see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear, feel what you want to feel, and experience what you want to experience. The closer you get to nothingness, the closer you get to realizing this level of power and freedom. The power of controlling others/their minds/make them do anything for you is a very paltry substitute to that.
Analogy: It is like the difference between having ‘God Mode’ in a particular specific game on your computer(Say counter strike) vs. the power to create any game you want(freedom to switch between 1000,000’s of games or make your own).

Power in the mystic sense:

What if everything is simply an appearance of the unitary universal energy? What if the all appearances are simply the manifestation of this singular energy space? Are we all like sailboats moved by the universal energy? OR are we like motor boats having a finite energy within us which we need to protect from other finite energy motor boats?

The mystics saw through these beliefs and realized that there is no motor boat self at all. There is neither a sail boat self who is helpless. The whole universe is like a dream and the unitary energy of the dream creates all its appearances. From this perspective, power has a whole different meaning.

Power in the mystic sense is the unfolding from the un-manifest to the manifest. All of manifestation is your creation. From this perspective, power is simply an appearance. There is an appearance of personal and impersonal power and sometimes neither. Power is just part of the grand unfolding of the dance of awareness, and it is nothing that needs to be held on to. Why should we hold on to power, when there is nothing to protect. The experience of a mystic is like empty space, nothing is impeded, nothing is encouraged, since there is no need for that. There is simply the effortless dance of awareness.

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