Return to your unborn self

The manifest is the wake (water waves the ship makes as it moves) of the ship that is me. My true nature is the un-manifest from where all manifestation happens as a celebration, a dream, an expression. Thinking that you are any object of manifestation is the delusion. No perception can be you, no interpretation, no sensory experience. Everything is created by the infinite un-manifest creator who is you. This creator, the ultimate subject’s expression is all the objects of experience. This ultimate subject is the Tao, logos, dhamma, witness consciousness. Your identity cannot be found in any object. It is the shift of identity from the object to the infinite potential unborn screen. After which there is just spontaneous expression, emptiness flow. It is not the small you dreaming it up, its the entire universe inside your dream, you are the ultimate creator, the dreamer of this entire dream. There is nobody or anything apart from you.

“I’ve lost all desire to experience anything that I already have before. My immediate experience is already the past, already the manifest and not me. I have lost all attachment to previous manifestations. I am entirely absorbed into the un-manifest. Ever new, ever renewing, ever refreshing. I have returned to my un-born self.”

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