There is only ‘universal will’, personal will is an appearance within it

Everything I do is goal driven in a relationship. Why would I propose to meet someone? Do any activity for that matter? OR even invite someone without a plan or a goal? I obviously have a goal each time I DO anything. The same applies to work, how can I do anything without an intention or goal? Now the ‘I’ here refers to my psychic center (ego) goals.

Can a goal materialize purely from outside without involvement of this center? In which case, I am being moved by a force outside of me and surrendering to it. So I may appear to be goal driven to other people, but I am at complete rest and its a ‘BEING DONE’ vs ‘DOING’. It is a surrendering of the ‘personal will’ and a hand over to the ‘universal force’ will. In this way, the ‘personal will’ has much more power because when at rest it accumulates potential. In fact, the ‘personal will’ itself is a particular kind of manifestation of the ‘universal will’. So even you discovering ‘universal will’ and handing over your ‘personal will’ to it is a process done by the ‘universal will’. So there is only the ‘universal will’, and all manifestation in your experience is an appearance created by the universal will.

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