One line thoughts

There is no ‘doer’. I am the instrument of the unseen force (god) and the same unseen force moves everything. This force by itself is beyond everything. The body is simply moved in service of this force.

I only create my receptivity/earnestness/desire. Everything else just happens accordingly.

Actions directly influence others. Patterns simply pass on directly.

Sensations -black box- mental states arise -black box – spiritual desires. Life is about relationships to everything.

Survival related work and keeping up with the societal expectations can take up so much time and is a permanent source of insecurity.

The more still the observer, the deeper the observation possible.

Change, purpose, meaning, engagement, interest, curiosity creates mental satisfaction.
Understanding, higher knowledge, harmony, unity in diversity(richness) is spiritual satisfaction

Every single action of ours can reveal so much about us through their implied relationships.

When you observe a belief, it is already transcended.

Extraordinary attention put on the ordinary makes it extraordinary.
Extraordinary attention put on the extra ordinary makes it ordinary.

If an experience has a beginning in time, its not real.

The real is the unborn prime mover force which is you. You are the very ecstasy animating all of experience.

Everything can be safely experienced. Its all ropes, no snakes.

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