Infinite unborn potential seed is you

You are everything in this moment and what you call ‘yourself’ right now is a small part of this moment. Its like calling yourself as only the right thumb instead of the entire body.
Any desire indicates a lack, hole, dissatisfaction or some belief. All compulsivity and tendencies should be observed in its minutest forms. The ideal/absolute state is where you are 0 and everything that comes in is seen as it is.

Whatever tendencies/momentum/states of mind you see in people is like seeing their future too (most probability). Personalities exist in the same probability space as everything else. The probability a rock will remain a rock is extremely high, animals have more variability, normal humans even higher variability, the ‘highest being’ would be some kind of shimmering ecstasy happening at warp speed. Its like, the more variable, changing and fluid something is, the higher evolved it is. We are in that state in childhood and gradually move towards predictability and solidity in adulthood experience. The most beautiful things are also the most fleeting. The same is true for pain too. The most painful things are fleeting too. The faster changing something is, the more life energy it has. The people you see are all momentums of certain mental patterns, tendencies with the driver of beliefs.
Its the same infinite space with infinite interpretations. Change in interpretation, is like changing the picture of the projector’s white light and creating altered states.

Each person is a reflection of your potential and the seed of that infinite potential (potential of everything that can ever exist in the experience realm) is the ‘you’ deep down. Each person represents different offshoots of this infinite potential seed.

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