Origins of separation and strategies

Whatever you focus your attention on becomes your experience. Description points experiences a lot in daily life. Separation is enhanced by description/contextual thinking and reduced by relaxation. Without words there is no sense of separation. Even sense of separation is a part of separation. If it doesn’t look like that it looks like this – based on belief in a sense of separation itself. the minute you describe, it’s a new story. Longer more detailed stories appear more inherent. Separation is just a particular state of consciousness. Only the thinking is creating the sense of separation. Relaxing dissolves this.

How much separation is originally coming from sensory experience? Is there a single word in the universe outside your mind? Everything is a confirmation of awareness. We love the thought of love, peace, joy. ‘You exist’ is transcendental and exists simultaneous with everything else like the lowest common denominator. When you see the dualities they self-destruct each other into peace and freedom. Only a thought can be against of another thought. Let every experience be a confirmation of your existence/aliveness/awareness.
What’s the use of knowing what we already know? You don’t want to make sense of it, put together some thoughts together so that things can be left – You want to understand to let go, trust and be. We may really want to just be. We keep questioning and when an answer satisfies we are in bliss and relieved till the next question.

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