Who am I? and its dual(opposite/my enemy) persona

Who am I?
Penetrative thinker, dreamer of dreams, visionary, genius, genuine, highly evolved, free thinker, extremely intelligent, very sensitive in observation, very perceptive, powerful imagination, radical ideas, evolved empathy abilities, fairly deep and profound understanding of relationships, strongly seek the real truth behind everything, ready to question/examine everything, power to directly question beliefs, integrator, larger/largest picture thinking, ability to see multiple perspectives, ability to stomach paradoxes and ponder, contemplator, very good at abstractions analogies metaphors, powerful perception of music – ability to really feel tones and separate the essences of songs, strong meditator, strong understanding of various emotions and mental states, psychonaut, reality explorer, seriously open minded and liberal, an artist personality of all forms, enjoy art is every possible form, take full responsibility of my life and choices, enjoy helping people in things that I think matter without expectation, deep understanding of sense of touch, body and pleasure, intensely value freedom, hedonistic, enjoy any form of dance with the right atmosphere, cherish sense of wonder, emotional volume is medium/low most of the time, dominance of intellect in actions, sprint runner in worldly actions, hunter gatherer personality – do extremely focused work and then day dream, lounge, contemplate the rest of the time, not very comfortable with social situations for long, daydream a lot, seek pleasurable mental states and relish them, revisit memories and consolidate the best ones, value deep connections with other people, physical quite fit, like to optimize, prevent or minimize wastage, fairly tolerant of people and things but only for a short duration, I feel extremely unique (search for similar people, like minded, similar projections etc online or in person), I feel like an unlimited being in a limited world, good at short bursts of concentration, feel the momentum of routines and obsessions fairly often, enjoy total silence for a short while, I am attached to my mental freedom and collections (ideas, views, perspectives, mental states, memories, sources of information)

Dual of the above:
very shallow thinking, totally practical/conventional outer world thoughts, stickler for social norms, big time follower with no original thoughts, average/below average intelligence, crude emotions and expression, totally insensitive to most things around, 0 imagination, does not question anything beyond 1-2 levels, absolutely no desire for truth etc., thinks external world is the only real thing, sees life through only one narrow perspective, extremely rigid, mind is highly divided, does not have any idea about his dreams, no capacity to visualize or day dream, cannot sit with one thing for long, very short attention span, absolutely no musical ability nor appreciation for it, very shallow understanding of his emotions, blames everyone else/things for everything in his life, stays safe in his well and least interest in exploring something new, highly conservative and dogmatic, thinks arts are a waste of time and looks at art practioners with contempt, keeps to himself and hates helping others unless he is getting some serious benefit out of it, loves rituals and routines, has a mundane view of what life is, hates dance and thinks its a pointless activity, does not admire anything, sex is about as profound and dirty as excretion Рreleasing his taboo tensions, cribs/complains all the time, highly aggressive about his beliefs thoughts and righteousness, angry and disgusted most of the time, a religious/cultural fanatic, stays in his own social group with like minded people as him, he feels nobody knows more than him and that they just show off all the time, physically not fit at all, wastes everything like food space money devices time etc, he can enjoy totally mindless games and argue about pointless things for hours, he always like noise around him and hates silence and will do anything to fill it up, attached to only things that the average society runs after like money, house, beautiful wife, car and job and nothing else matters to him, likes to have shallow connections with many people vs. deep ones, is a farmer personality Рslowly, daily, routinely do hard work to reap fruits slowly and fruits gradually build up, is very simple minded and only thinks about very simple things, he simply uses people for his benefit and to satisfy himself and  has no understanding of relationship dynamics etc.

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