Headgear analogy – for dealing with situations

Imagine a headgear is attached to your head which can control all your electrical impulses in your brain. Say the headgear generates a very uncomfortable internal state making it difficult for you to breathe, choking you and starts endless painful thoughts.

What are you going to do, assuming you cannot remove this headgear? You would try to find someway out of the situation.

  • If you think the headgear would stop after a while and things would be back to normal – then its Hope, Trust or Faith
  • If you have to figure out a way to make it stop – then its analyzing the mind with awareness over a period of time to gain understanding
  • If you worry about it never stopping – then you will suffer more
  • If u think whatever the machine does doesn’t matter, because I’m not the machine – then its DETACHMENT
  • If u think it;ll never stop – then you will feel actual FEAR and helplessness

Now, the analogy is that at every moment, there is an internal state inside of us, there is some sensation throughout the body, an undercurrent representing your general mood and mental thoughts running. What is your relationship to all of these?

What is the ultimate state we would like to be in? Would we be happy with any ONE state like that?

Another related question would be, why do we think in the first place? I would presume because our mind is helping us reach better and better states. If you are perfectly content with your current state, wouldn’t you go into timelessness and super-consciousness. Your mind would completely stop.

Its like we enjoy the game of duality and want variety. But our attempt to constantly influence these duality paradigms is like a game. We have to keep creating lacks so that we can seek fulfillment. Fulfillment is possible only if there was a lack in the first place.

A step back from this game would be to simply observe its mechanisms and working with detachment. The truth I believe is that the true “I” is not in this game at all.

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