Another perspective on living life

What if your life was an endless exploration and integration? and your meaning of life was wisdom acquired and the depth of patterns of investigated? In this style, your goals are fluid, more like water and change and evolve depending upon new revelations from exploration. You want to expand your sphere of consciousness in all directions. So you start on a question and explore all the answers from all perspectives and try to extract the larger underlying patterns.

This style of living is quite different from the way society expects us to live. In society, you are expected to have fixed goals and keep specializing in them. If you do too many things, you;ll acquire tremendous breath of understanding, but may not be able to form a cog into society and work. Work requires patience and its requires you to think within a constrained environment. So all your ideas, thoughts, imaginations and progress is within these artificial constraints (beliefs and momentum of investment).

Momentum of investment is an important factor. If someone has established an organization, it has to recover the investment and then reap rewards from it. So its a big commitment, and it requires you to work and think within its framework till you get financial salvation. Financial salvation is almost an impossible dream for the middle class. So they work their entire lives with this mirage. This may be viewed as a good/bad thing. These people are hidden from the philosophical truths of life because all their energy is consumed in chasing this mirage.

Why are people so afraid to look at the truth at its face? I have read a lot of advanced literature where it is said these constraints are purposely constructed to make life a game, to totally escape boredom.

The case that directly illustrates this is the purpose for sports. Just look at sports and the amount of energy people spend watching it, admiring the stars, and betting on who will win. It is an artificial glorification system creating newer value pyramids.

What is boredom and why do we escape it? An interesting question which few dare to investigate.

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