Philosophical insights – 20May

– Every experience is qualitative
– language works because of assumed shared experiences. They are fixed defined patterns defined by vocabulary used in language.
– This experience vocabulary(mime’s) created by language is the virtual reality.
– Mime’s – 4D objects that represent experiences
– The same words could mean totally different things to different people
– The real truth – nobody understands anything. Its their perception. We fool ourselves into believing them vs believing ourselves
– Nobody can any power over you. You just think they do. Its a false belief. When someone insults you, they just trigger your own core beliefs stored somewhere. We switch through our core beliefs many times during a single day.
– You viewing people on movies is exactly the same as seeing it in reality. Its just because you believe one is real and one is not.
– you can either go after experiences or go after increasing the experience level itself which transforms everything globally.
– alter the global variables and not the small local ones of experience.
– only people with similar experiences can ever understand us. We assume people have similar experiences. This assumption is because of this language virtual reality.For the same word they may imagine a fundamentally different qualitative experience.
– All external knowledge and processing you do is related is not you. Its just a combination of memory and processing. WHO IS PROCESSING?WHO IS HAVING THE MEMORY? That person is you.
– Nothing exists for you besides different projections of your own self. Your self is everything you know, imagine, sense, think..EVERYTHING. Everything is within, there is nothing out there. Everything you perceive has its mechanism inside you.
– My perception is the only thing that’s real to me. What I cannot perceive does not exist for me. I may however be able to reach a higher plane and invoke new experiences. “My Reality” is different from “ABSOLUTE REALITY”. My objective is to go closer to the absolute.
– We trust reality so much because of this physical solid dimension which can injure us. But the physical reality is just a part of the entire matrix. There are many many other dimensions and planes coexisting along with the physical. Give the physical reality its required attention but don’t be landlocked by it, free yourself to explore other planes.
– What matters is “What do you feel”, nothing else. For e.g.: What do YOU feel when you look at the Eiffel tower? You are free to choose any perspective you want, you do not have to bind yourself to culture, society, family, people around you etc.

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