Reading can also be imprisoning if not done from the right perspective

I have been extensively reading for a long time, in an associative chain like fashion on Google. I’ve realized that factual information can manipulate you but theories about religion, philosophy and psychology can be FAR more manipulative. For e.g. say you take the Myer’s Briggs personality test and you get classified as one of the 16 types. This affects what you believe about yourself and that is imprisoning in a way since you start thinking that your landlocked into that personality for the rest of your life. That kind of goes against real freedom which I’m after.

Usually while reading I balance it out by reading both the positive and negative sides of any issue so that I wont get biased. But then what is the truth? Am I not just unloading more imaginary castles onto my mind?Ideas, concepts, ideologies and classifications and more reductionism?

Real freedom is maximum dynamic. You should free to be whatever you want. Free from identifying with all the ideas, images, conceptions, impressions, beliefs and thoughts about yourself. I think real freedom comes at a level under your beliefs. You probably need to meditate and relax enough to go deep enough to see through your beliefs.

Until recently, I looked at a prison just from a physical point of view. Metaphorically, I realize that even I am in a deep prison on my mind’s beliefs which I need to come out of. Every belief is a wall. Its counter-intuitive, I need to unlearn everything I think I know to realize true freedom.

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