Emotions in children

Artistically its a masterpiece, with the Agrabah town and the night depicted in shades of dark blue and purple. The entire concept and concept art used is awesome.

I was watching a bit of Disney’s Aladdin movie after ages and seeing it from an adult’s perspective I realized some striking differences. All emotions were highly overt, too bright, fleeting and somewhat abrupt. It was like watching a 256 color picture on the emotional plane/shades of meaning scale vs the 16 million colors we usually find. The sublimity factors were absent. It does not carry the powerful shades and depth of romantic significance, longing. For example: When they kiss for the first time, I could not really feel any sexual energy. I can understand that since its meant for kids they purposely keep it that way but I never knew that even as an adult such scenes would not provoke strong sexual feel.

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