About telepathy

I always thought that telepathy is a way where you can hear the other person’s thoughts the same way you hear your own verbal dialogue. But then later I thought, why is the mental talk even necessary. If I just heard his mental talk, then it is as good as him speaking it out for me. That is not as consequential as the meaning itself. Can meaning itself be transmitted?

But then I started to wonder what is ‘meaning’ really? I consider my thoughts to be a verbal dialogue inside my head. But where does this verbal dialogue spout from.

There are lot of perplexing questions here:
When I hear my own mental talk inside my head, who is listening?
I think state of mind/mood determines what verbal dialogues is created inside my head. What does ‘mood/state of mind’ mean? The electrochemical balance in the brain?
What controls the electrochemical balance? The mind?
If the mind controls it then it would depend upon perception, beliefs, notions, impressions and ideas I have?
Thought also manipulates these right. Like autosuggestion. What is thought then?

It seems to be cyclical. But there is someone creating/watching and maintaining this cycle. How do I isolate this entity?

Even if I do isolate, how can another person’s meaning be transferred telepathically without me losing my own egoic point of view. Would I see it like a dream? But we cannot control dreams right, so how can I control this process? Is it possible to really see another person’s feelings without losing your egoic consciousness?

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