People’s judgments..

I’ve noticed a peculiar funny thing in society, even among all of my friends. Their judgments of you are always based on societal expectations in one way or the other. For e.g.: As a person, you can tremendously evolve when you do activities like questioning your core beliefs, understanding your thought patterns through reflection or pursue forms of contemplation. You may come to the realization that most people are trapped in a large number of beliefs and they are far from even aware of this fact. But this evolution is simply disregarded in society. They simply judge you using their societal filter.

This filter is something like:

  • Are you really good (ideals defined from society) at some sport?
  • Are you very good at academics?
  • Do you have lots of money?
  • Have a large sphere of public influence?
  • Are you good looking as per standards defined by media?
  • Are your efforts towards improving your chances in some commercial endeavor?

Any activity that I pursue which is beyond this sphere is considered a pastime, irrelevant, insignificant and unimportant. So if I do not do those typically acceptable activities for a long time and spend more time with other things that interest me, then I’m judged as a person who is wasting his life away. I’ve noticed this even among my parents and close friends. Its astonishing.

I strongly believe, ‘society is not your friend’ (Terence Mckenna), all its activities are related to itself and not to help you evolve. Society doesn’t care whether you discover your true self or not. All it cares about is that, you fit its conventions and defined acceptable paths.

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