Problem solving: Where you perceive from vs how you perceive

Bird’s eye view vs Fork road view:
Motivational speakers and people generally keep saying what you perceive as a problem is related to the way you look at things. I’ve tried reorienting myself a few times but this change never really gets ingrained in me. Its usually just temporary and if you stop paying attention, you revert to your original behavior. For example: positive thinking techniques etc. You could create a strong pattern by repetition and habit but this would not stem from real understanding so in essence it is still vulnerable to thought manipulations by other people.

Nowadays, I started looking at solving this in a different way. I think “A real change in perception would be more from WHERE you perceive the problem from rather than how you perceive it“. Its like understanding truth at a higher level and comprehending how things fit into the larger picture help in literally eliminating some problems or drastically reduce their emotional effects.

There are some profound truths like: 

  • “All meaning is self created, in essence an illusion”
  • “The body is something that is within the field of awareness and we are the awareness itself. The awareness is everywhere, universal, shapeless and formless”

Just imagine the impact of actually understanding and internalizing these truths. Thousands of problems would simply disappear in the light of this new knowledge. But these truths may also destroy illusions which mean you may lose the positive highs too from false meaning. That is why its not something that’s really straightforward to change. I guess there are different levels of awareness and moving to the next layer can fundamentally change you perception in many ways. That is why its important to maintain fluidity with respect to your beliefs. The entire physical reality is perceived by our beliefs, which is essentially what we call reality.

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