Aphorisms and Thoughts – most of them are original :)

Anything that you can observe is not you
Sensitive people tend to also be more observant of others
Awareness is king, it increases the quality of everything in life
We make choices at each and every moment, choosing to be unhappy about something is also a choice
The neocortex power is what makes us human. Else we would just be slaves to our limbic systems
The world we perceive now may just be a projection from higher dimensions – plato’s cave theory
Be in tune and intimately understand your reward system
You may be actually living your deepest desire through this life
There are mirror neurons in our brains that play a special function in visceral empathy – mirror the behavior/feelings of people we observe or interact.
Rediscover and exploit the plasticity of your brain
Wheres the place for judgement and classification in infinity? infinity is just 1
Physical and mental fitness complement each other
Increasing the sensitivity of your nervous system is the primary benefit of meditation, its opens up new dimensions and perspectives
Observing is different from witnessing. Witnessing is natural and effortless, observation is a skill that requires effort
The shift from observing to witnessing happens after intense observation and introspection
An active life, mentally and physically, increases dopamine and sense of well being
The amount of money you make depends upon the perceived social value of your work and not personal value
The dream states and waking consciousness are quite similar, however, the main difference would be, in the dream state there is a sort of discontinuity and its charaterized by detachment(free association), while the waking state is continuous with strong attachments
In the 5th dimension, there are plenty of optimal paths
The only tool available for experiential learning is your body
Knowledge of the outer world is wisdom, knowledge of oneself is enlightenment
100% of the reality is inside you
The west have mastered the material world, while the east have mastered the mind
Enlightenment is losing even the desire for enlightenment or having pure choiceless awareness
We never really love anyone but ourselves
Lucid dreams challenge your definition of reality
There are 3 levels in the functioning of your mind- thoughts, emotions and beliefs
Your core beliefs control a vast array of thoughts and emotions
Language is just an abstraction/simplication of real things or feelings. The real things/feelings are infinite in their diversity
You are either nothing or your everything
If the senses are the instrument used to perceive the world, the best quality would be acheived if there was a device that could recreate the same resolution as your senses
Penetration from gross to subtle realities is the objective of meditation
There is both depth and breath in techniques for meditation
When high skill meets high challenge, it results in flow
When low skill meets high challenge, it results in anxiety
Endo-reality exploration can be extremely rewarding
The best you can possibly feel depends on your body’s reserves of pleasure chemicals – seratonin, dopamine, oxytocin etc
Sex is the most pleasurable legal activity known to man
Our ultimate desire is to become one, which is why we enjoy the sexual union, social relationships, state of flow etc
Accept reality for what is and not what it should be
For people to admire you, they need to find a resonance of those qualities in themselves too
Most of us are primarily sensation seekers:(real or vicarious) – outdoor adventure, novel experiences thru places and people, disinhibition, susceptibility to boredom
We feel highly uncomfortable with the dissociation phenomenon in our personality(the various roles we play – as a thinker,philosopher, pragmatist, dreamer, son, father, husband, friend etc)
We get large rewards by places/events and people that integrate the various parts of our personality
The consciousness that pervades all creation is referred to as god
Humans created the concept of karma to fill up holes in their understanding of the nature of life, existence
Place your awareness and attention on the 6 consciousness and not on the objects to avoid attachments and defilement
Notice the shiver that runs down your spine while hearing specific songs and lyrics – The release of euphoria inducing chemicals
Music is created due to the silence between the notes, in a similar way, excitement/euphoria/novelty can only exist with their duals
The only thing we fear is fear itself
All we look for is resonance(what we are and our potential)in relationships
Detachment is not a sacrifice, its an outcome of intense introspection
Do most close relationships get transformed into love-hate?
Are we inherently hostile towards strangers?
If there is no resonance, we get hostile towards the other person and treat them as competition/threat
Either everything is a miracle or nothing is
Love is a continuous state of vibration, its not selective
Awareness and attention is continuous, its just a state – its dependent upon the activity we do because we choose that
Slow down eye moment to increase vividness of the visual field
Multitasking is a myth…its just that you give microseconds to a task..similar to how u think u can see everything in the field of vision but the truth is most of the rods/cones are in the center so you only see the central spot clearly
If you concentrate on nothing, you can concentrate on anything
As we progress in the professional field towards learning, the higher you go the more you see details – knowledge becomes oceanic and then in the end you would see infinity
What is perceived is limited by how good the instrument used for perception is Eg: Hearing 320kbps mp3 with a very cheap earphone
Novelty triggers attraction. Even exercising for several minutes can make one more attracted to other people on account of increased heart rate and other physiological responses.
Needing rational explanations for everything is a prison of your mind
Dogmatic and rigid people live in the prison of their mind all the time even if externally they are living in a mansion.
Zig Ziglar – Every obnoxious act is a cry for help
Vulnerability is true strength and you can truly love only when you are completely vulnerable

Your capacity to tolerate pain also indicates your capacity to feel pleasure

Myth: When you consciously observe your pain it increases and when you do the same for your pleasure it decreases
-Infact its the opposite, mindfulness multiplies pleasure and divides pain

We want others to see us the way we see ourselves or want to see ourselves

What you experience in the gap between your thoughts is the real you. Not the mind or the body.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

Compulsive thinking: Spending more than 5-15mins on a problem usually does not help for 95% of the problems we face in daily life.

What we are really looking for is not pleasure, it is satisfaction the pleasure gives. Satisfaction can be acquired through challenge/novelty etc and not necessarily pleasure.

Pursuing the greatest goal(can be subjective) gives the greatest satisfaction and happiness
The contents of the mental stream are not as important as the consciousness that knows them

One interesting thing about intelligence is, the less you have of it, the more certain you are that you have it. And vice versa. Why? Because you lack the intelligence to see the gaps in your own, or if you are intelligent, you are much more able to see what you don’t know. It works the same with awareness. The less aware you are, the more certain you are aware. The more aware you are, the more aware you are of the gaps in your own awareness.

Thoughts are too slow for higher consciousness

Famous physicist Werner Heisenberg said “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning”

Generally using the ‘f’ word suggests that you don’t want to care, not that you don’t care

Michael Persinger – ‘If you stimulate the amygdala at the same time that you have an experience, then you think that it’s true’. Maybe the liberals have much lower activity in the amygdala vs rigid thinkers.

Be aware that what you are seeking is more a state of mind, than a solution in thoughts.

I believe that for most people, they are guided by decisions, not choices. Choice implies freedom, decision implies selection.
Conformity is the opposite of mobility. Conformity, and it’s evil twin complacency, are born of the past.
The difference between selection and choice are not about semantics, they represent the critical distinction of purposefully creating our future, or it’s being created by our past.

Your real self is what you are when your in deep sleep. The unchanging formless part of you. If you identify with this, then your unstoppable, unshakable, indestructible and immortal. I guess anything that changes cannot be the absolute you.

Werner once asked, “Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a problem, you’re around?” Similarly, whenever we have a moment of true flow, of being “in the zone,” we’re never there! Because the two cannot coexist.

It is always important to balance fatalism (death) with optimism (birth)

“In the same way you hit the brake when you¹re driving when you see a yellow light, when you put feelings into words, you seem to be hitting the brakes on your emotional responses,” Lieberma

“To say the brain produces religion is like saying a piano produces music.”

In your dealings with people, can you detect subtle feelings of either superiority or inferiority toward them? You are looking at the ego, which lives through comparison. Envy is a by-product of the ego, which feels diminished if something good happens to someone else, or someone has more, knows more, or can do more than you. The ego’s identity depends on comparison and feeds on more. It will grasp at anything. If all else fails, you can strengthen your fictitious sense of self through seeing yourself as more unfairly treated by life or more ill than someone else. What are the stories, the fictions from which you derive your sense of self? (Echkart Tolle)

From a non-dualistic perspective, the only purpose of life is to realize the highest truth.

An interesting thought:
Instead of being goal-obsessed, to “use a compass, not a map.” This is having a sense of direction, not a specific destination, and then allowing yourself to “meander with purpose.” Being “goal-free” (or “goal-light”) increases your creativity and increases your openness to new opportunities. This has led to great success in my life. And it makes life a lot more enjoyable too! What matters most to me is that when I walk away I can say “It was me who did that, not the person I’m trying to be, or someone else expects me to be.”

Just like the measurement problem of atom particles in quantum physics, where the act of observation reveals particles nature and otherwise it behaves like a distributed energy field. The brain may just be using apparatus to interpret part of the vibrational field as solid objects.

Just like the measurement problem of atom particles in quantum physics, where the act of observation reveals particles nature and otherwise it behaves like a distributed energy field. The brain may just be using apparatus to interpret part of the vibrational field as solid objects.

Considering endo-reality(internal reality of our dreams, thoughts etc.) and exo-reality(external reality e.g. physical), death of a person could simply mean that the exo-reality would stop feeding the endo. But the person still lives in your endo reality(your thoughts, dreams etc).

Changing yourself changing your frequency channel like changing the channel on the giant TV. Only thing real is experience, there is nothing out there, its all here and all now. The only thing real is NOW.

“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”

Nothing is to be taken seriously. Frustration is a sign somewhere, you took it too seriously – Chetan Bhagat

States of mind are similar to different rooms in a house. In each room you keep certain stuff and you are only able to access that stuff when you are in that room. The mind works much in the same way. Different states of mind will allow you to access the different memories, experiences, feelings and definitions that are associated with that state.

mind relates to the most intense sensation it feels on the body

what really intrigues us about reality? Dry facts? or someone’s personal view of the facts?

An important part in mind perception of objects is that it happens only after it has taken feedback from body sensations at that moment. This means if your body is feeling excellent, every object you see would be perceived as excellent. Similarly, if you have fever, every object would look distasteful to you.

There is a difference between being happy in your life and being happy about your life.

All possibilities are known,  but the actual result, the actual path that
occurs in the illusion of linear time is  something you are building.

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