Imitation humour

Among the various types of humor in existence i find imitation humor the most fascinating. Part of the reason is because i am really good at it. It is basically a derivative of musical ability and it involves completely impersonating the person, their mannerisms, talking pitch and emotions expressed. Initially the effort is towards replication and once that stage is reached, the humor element can be added. That is the part where one can be really creative. This form of humor which is a caricature equivalent of the entire personality of the person is commonly known as mimicry. It actually gives a mimicker a strange sense of power since you observed the other person’s behavior to such an extent that you can even extrapolate their behavior in a new/unknown situation. For an audience, they might be easily able to relate to this kind of humor cause it engages almost all our senses.

However, In my experience, not many people seem to enjoy this kind of humor. People who absolutely lack musical ability or who lack interest in understanding human behavior are just not in a position to appreciate. Even to appreciate something you need some degree of experience in that field. Also, this kind of humor can be really insulting to certain people who are sensitive about the way others perceive. The overall tone and context of the joke usually makes a big difference in how it is interpreted.

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