Analog and Digital Reality Experience are 2 poles of the same LIFE ENERGY

The analog reality and digital reality are 2 poles of the same magnet.
Analog reality = Direct experience (What you are actually seeing through the Goggles)
Digital reality = Thoughted/thinged experience (Goggles through which you are seeing)
These 2 poles go together.
If you see a lot, you can always “thing everything” you see into a higher digital quantization.
You can experiment with various levels of digital quantization.
You can even just say: Everything is THAT, in which case the quantization number is just 1.
Else you can break it down into 1000s of levels.
Both appear together as potentials – from one energy – I could call LIFE.
LIFE gives me the freedom to see UNITY ———————–MULTIPLICITY as a spectrum and slot my experience anywhere inbetween as I please.
Just like the TRUE ———————— FALSE spectrum.
Wider the spectrum, more the joy of the TRUE side.

So how many dimensions are there? What map will you use for the territory?
Well there are millions of maps and seeing the territory through each map is a different experience too.
That’s called multiple frames.
Its quite enjoyable to traverse various frames like watching 1000s of new movies even if the characters and set are same.
So abandoning frame changing is not a solution.
Infact it is not possible to abandon it at all, you will only end up with some other fixed frame and lower consciousness (lessen change).
Instead move into GREATER change, more minute, more subtle, more inclusive/expansive/whole.
When life reaches a certain intensity, you will fall into the formless world.
All achievement is also within a frame.
So when the frame changes, the achievement becomes meaningless and void too.
Its like you have shifted to a parallel universe/world.

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