Spirit is the only support

Nobody from outside can provide true support
It is only subtle or spirit that is the support of everything
If spirit is not supporting, nothing from outside can help
It will only work as a temporary crutch like a dialysis machine
It’s better to surrender and change than to cling to outside supports maintaining ‘spirit vacated’ realities.

It is only spirit that upholds everything and transforms everything
Rest is just an illusion
That means there is no fact at all, nothing objective
All experience is created and dissolved by spirit, all is aliveness
Spirit is the most powerful and singular force that creates and moves everything

Each and every person is supported by spirit
The spirit/oversoul that creates the characters of the play
The oversoul can individually withdraw power from a single character because it is the real creator and destroyer of all the characters and it keeps the character unconscious of the knowledge that the character is actually the oversoul pretending to be the character
It applies this veil and thereby the unity becomes multiplicity
Now each other character from the perspective of the imagined conjured character becomes a mysterious unknown other
Ignorance is created about the other and the character goes into the pursuit of understanding the other.

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